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What does this tell me as librarian?
1. Year after year Diary of a Wimpy Kid remains the most popular books. Those books drive me crazy because the kids ONLY want to check these out. Last year I worked diligently to beef up my chapter book section with more series that appeal to our students and so this year I plan to do a lot of digital book talks to get the kids to read something other than Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

2. Last year was my first year NOT running my Dewey Club which promotes the reading of nonfiction at my school. Seeing that the majority of my NF checkouts were “fun” books & many came from the same Dewey classification I definitely need to run the Dewey Club this year so that students are exposed to a wider range of NF books. Don’t worry, I’ll do a post soon on what the Dewey Club is.

3. Paper airplane making is a timeless hobby. I sure hope none of the kids were making them during class though! 😉

I encourage you to look at your own Top 10 list and use that data to make some decisions about this school year.