My word for this school year is ACTION. Over the summer I read some silly FB list of “25 signs you might be lazy if….” and it was like a smack in the face. Can’t remember the last time you untied your shoelaces to put on your sneakers…check! I realized that sometimes this quality rolls over into my professional life as well. So many times I have a fabulous idea and yet I don’t implement it because of the time and effort it will take. Shame on me for robbing my students of those experiences. So this year it’s all about action. I kicked it off by creating this book display that I pinned on pinterest a few years ago but never did because I thought it would be too difficult (I am so not crafty).


Ok so it took about 2 hours, I seriously broke a sweat trying to get the paper to align right, and it might not be perfect but you know what? I posted it on instagram last night and a former student commented’ “I wish I were there this year so I could check out a book from that.” BOOM. That was definitly worth the 2 hours of action.

What idea do you have that requires some action? I encourage you to act on something great this week!